Køge Bowling Center

On this site you will find any information about Køge Bowling Center that you need.

Center information

Center name: Køge Bowling Center
Center address: Ravnsborgvej 1, 4600 Køge 
Center phonenumber: +45 56 65 90 82
Center E-mail: mail@kogebowlingcenter.dk
Center website: http://www.kogebowlingcenter.dk/
Center onlinescore: Click here!

Center specifications

Number of lanes: 12 (AMF 82-90xl from 2000)
Surfaces: Brunswick Pro Anvi Lane from 2013
Scoring system: Viking 3.0
Lane machine: Kegel Flex Walker from December 2019
Oil: Kegel Fire – Kegel Ice
Soap: Kegel Defence C
Pins: AMF Amflite ll