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Latest news and updates

An update for the livestream 🎥

As Køge Bowling Center has invested in three cameras to livestream league and tournament play, this years Køge Youth Masters will be the first to be livestreamed from Køge Bowling Center! 😎
We are happy we can improve our livestream option which has earlier on been use of old phones. Not the best but better than nothing.
It will now be able for us to give you an even better view of the players and their amazing bowling 🤩
All squads and finals will be able to watch right here.

Oil pattern release!
The oil pattern for Køge Youth Masters 2023 is now released and you can find the pattern right here.

Today we can announce that in category 1 and 2 there will be 8 bowlers qualifying for final step 1.
In category 3 and 4 there will be 16 bowlers qualifying for final step 1.

We are extremely happy and proud of the number of bowlers coming to Køge Youth Masters this year and it will be a tough competition in all categories. We know you all will give your best but in the end only four bowlers will stand on the top of the podium 🏆
Soon the games will begin 🎳

🇬🇧 Registrations opens soon!

This year we’re doing something new to try and accommodate most players possible. Therefore registration for players outside of Denmark will open on Wednesday November 23rd at 19:00 (local time).
It will be possible for international players to book the needed squads for two weeks exclusively (notice that there will only be 12 spots available in the squads on Saturday March 4th). Maximum of two squads can be booked.
On Wednesday December 7th at 19:00 the registration will open for Danish players. (Notice also here will only 12 spots be available for the squads on Saturday March 4th).
Best possible we will try to accommodate players with long travelling time. On January 4th at 19:00 registration will be open to all players national and international for the third squad and any free spots on Saturday March 4th will be released. We’re excited to get the tournament going and can’t wait to see you all in Køge!

🇩🇰 Tilmeldingen åbner meget snart!

I år prøver vi noget nyt for at prøve at tilgodese flest mulige spillere.Derfor åbner tilmeldingen for udlændinge onsdag d. 23. november kl. 19:00.
Internationale spillere har to uger til at booke to starter (bemærk at der kun vil være 12 pladser ledige i hver start lørdag d. 4. marts).
Onsdag d. 7. december kl. 19:00 åbner tilmeldingen for danske spillere (bemærk at der også her kun vil være 12 pladser ledige i hver start lørdag d. 4. marts).
Der vil bedst muligt blive taget hensyn til spillere med lang rejsetid.
D. 4. januar kl. 19:00 åbner tilmeldingen endnu engang for alle spillere (nationalt og internationalt), denne gang for en tredje start. Hvis der skulle være ledige pladser tilbage til starterne lørdag d. 4. marts vil disse blive frigivet også. Vi glæder os til at komme igang med stævnet og håber på at se så mange af jer som muligt i Køge!